Neighborhood News:

~~~Posted 04/28/2019~~~

(meeting held on April 24, 2019)

The Trash and Recycle contract is not quite done.  The Township is trying to get the new service set up to begin by August 1st.  This is a MANDATORY program for all Township residents.

PLEASE be sure to look for postcards coming to your mailbox. These are to be filled out and returned to the Township.

If a contract with current trash company continues past August 1st, your new Scio Township service will begin when the current contract expires.

This new service is expected to cost $60/quarter.  The Township will have a five-year contract with GFL with costs controlled except for fuel surcharges that may be levied.  While there will not be a cap on increases, the charges will be announced in advance (not explained when) — other than the fuel surcharges.  There will be a 5% discount for seniors 65 and older.

“Green For Life Environmental” (GFL) will notify us of the week when it will drop off two new wheeled containers — a 96 gal for trash and a 64 gal for recycling (both neon light green); the recycling containers will have black lids so the drivers (and we) will know which is which.  We can later request a smaller container for trash and/or a larger one for recycling if we want — asking GFL to change these after the initial distribution has been completed.

Trash, recycling, and yard waste will be picked up weekly.  The Township will be divided into three “quadrants,” with all houses in a quadrant being picked up on the same day.

If we want to, we can continue to use our current containers for any trash or recycling that will overflow the (GFL) containers as long as the containers for recycling are clearly labelled.  You can get rid of old containers or GFL will pick up them up for disposal.

Billing will be sequenced: one quadrant will get a one-month bill at the beginning; a second quadrant will get a two-month bill at the start; the third quadrant will get a three-month bill.  Then everyone will get quaterly bills. We will pay Scio Township directly.  Contact information will be sent to Township residents before the system changes. They are working on setting up an on-line payment system.

The current Trash and Recycle held on the third Saturday of each month at Scio Township Hall will be eliminated. (This is the take back recycling of styrofoam, paint cans, batteries, etc) They will no longer be servicing this and you will need to do so through the County.

All customer service issues will be addressed directly to the Township (Rebecca)
or Township Manager Bryce Kelly. 
Scio Township (734) 369-9400

For more information, see the following attachments:

~~~Posted 10/12/2017~~~

Walnut Ridge Social: The first Walnut Ridge Block Party in September was a huge success!  Good times were had by all as neighbors listened to the band, played games, bounced in the bounce-house, made wax creations and visited with old and new neighbors.  The Board apologizes for the last minute change of food plans.  A food truck (Cosa Sabrosa) was scheduled to be at our event, but they never showed up.  Several attempts were made to contact the company with no response.  Thankfully pizza deliveries saved the day! A special thank you goes out to Kim La Marca and Marcy Bugajski for their party planning as well as all those neighbors who helped with set up and clean up.  It was a wonderful community gathering and the Board is already thinking of our next Walnut Ridge social event…please send any ideas our way.  Thank you to all who attended the block party.

Neighborhood safety:  We remind you to be diligent with your home security.  Leave lights on, lock doors and do not leave packages and newspapers at your front door or driveway.  Also, be sure to bring in trash and recycling bins on the day of service as leaving them at the curbside gives the appearance that you are not home. Be on the lookout for suspicious cars or people and call 911 to report suspicious activity.

Traffic: As always, speeding, cut through traffic and failure to stop at stop signs continues to be a big problem.  Please do your part to follow the neighborhood laws and encourage neighbors to do the same.

Holiday lights: Holiday lighting will be done by the same company as last year (Holiday Lighting Express).  You can expect the lights to go up in mid-November in time for your holiday entertaining.


The Walnut Ridge Board of Directors



~~~Older News~~~
~~~Posted 05/10/2017~~~

With the arrival of spring, so comes the clean-up of winter trash. Please take it upon yourselves to clean up your yard and surrounding areas, particularly the drainage ditches. In an effort to reduce the amount of trash blowing around the neighborhood, please make sure that the contents of your recycle bins are as secure as possible so that the wind doesn’t blow trash out in to the neighborhood.

Traffic violations continue to be a major problem in Walnut Ridge. Speeding, lack of stopping at signage and cars going around speed bumps INTO people’s yards is dangerous, illegal and damaging to homeowner’s lawns. As a reminder, Washtenaw County Sheriff can patrol the neighborhood and issue citations for these violations.  Our traffic issues become more worrisome in the warmer months…children are outside playing and riding bikes and we have many families who regularly walk their dogs.  Given this and the upcoming season of graduation parties, etc. please drive slowly paying particular attention to parked cars and people in the streets.

As we head in to summer, please make every effort possible to maintain your property to keep Walnut Ridge looking beautiful.  This means regular lawn care and weeding.  Also, please be mindful of the hours that you mow…Sunday evening at 8:00 is not a respectful time to mow your lawn. Let’s remain one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Ann Arbor!

Walnut Ridge Social Event: Please let a Board member know if you are interested in helping plan this year’s neighborhood social event/s.   Without volunteers for this committee, our social events won’t continue to happen.  Ice cream social?  Block Party?  Progressive?  It’s up to you, so let’s make it happen!

We hope you and your families have a fantastic spring and summer.


The Walnut Ridge Board of Directors


Downed street lamp:  
The Walnut Ridge Board and Pasco Property Management is in the process of replacing and reinstalling the damaged street lamp and signs on the corner of Timber Hill and Gray Fox Court.  The process is taking longer than originally anticipated, so please be patient.
Neighborhood safety is our primary concern, so please be mindful of the neighborhood speed limits and stop signs.  Speeding and stop sign violations continue to be a major problem.  Be aware that the Sheriff’s Department IS legally authorized to issue citations for violating our traffic rules.
New mailboxes:  
We have finished replacing the neighborhood mailboxes to match the street lamps and signs. We hope you enjoy your sturdy new mailbox and our new look!
Neighborhood Social Event:
Please see flyer under “events” for more details.  We hope to see lots of Walnut Ridge families